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Develop 60,000 sf Health Pavilion and 180 Unit Senior Housing Campus

Dr. Phillips Charities is one of the largest landholders in Central Florida and also one of its most generous benefactors. Using the revenue from their income-producing properties, DPC has granted over $160 million to charitable initiatives throughout the region.

In 2013, DPC set out to develop a 26 acre in-fill site in the heart of the Dr. Phillips community in a way that would enhance the surrounding community while achieving the return on investment needed to advance their charitable initiatives. They turned to SC Advisors.

SCA launched a comprehensive feasibility study including a site analysis, exhaustive market and trend studies, and pro forma business and development models. What emerged was a vision for a high end senior housing complex and a health pavilion housing multiple medical disciplines, many of them related to senior care.

Once DPC’s leadership approved the plan, SCA proceeded with site planning, use permitting, building design and possible deal structures. We then guided DPC through the selection of senior housing and health care partners and helped negotiate their terms and agreements
Upon successful completion of the pre-development work, SCA was retained to provide Developer’s and Owner’s Representative Services for the design and construction of the 60,000 sf Spring Lake Health Pavilion and 180-unit senior housing campus.

Ground was broken in late 2015 and the project is on its way to a successful completion.